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Welcome to the oil and gas industry directory of Rigzone.com. The pages contained in this section catalog international companies and their products and services.Our network of expert financial advisors field questions from our community.When an investor sees the price of oil move higher, it is obvious that producers benefit. The oil.Advised oil field services companies around their global intellectual property valuation.Service and supply companies are an integral part of the oil and natural gas industry.

The energy industry is not any different than most commodity-based industries as it faces long periods of boom and bust.High debt puts a strain on credit ratings, weakening their ability to purchase new equipment or finance other capital expenditures.Analyst Insight Analysts and investors often disagree on specific investment decisions, but one thing that they do agree on is their approach to analyzing energy companies.

Operational excellence: The imperative for oil and. create huge opportunities for oil field service companies—but they too must develop.The latest markets news, real time quotes, financials and more.Leading oil, gas and chemical companies are unlocking new value by improving customer experiences and loyalty. Managing Service Suppliers in Oil and Gas.

Drilling and other oil service sector companies tend to track rising oil prices upward.Service Companies for the Oil and Gas industry should be listed in the appropriate sub category, and not in the main category.However, this type of screening and ranking process is helpful in developing selected stocks for further research.This leads buyers to seek lower prices and better contract terms.Your local home heating oil service prices, equipment, and delivery info.

Companies in this industry support oil and gas field operations on a contract.Some other factors to consider are the depth of water that the offshore rigs can drill in, hole depth and horsepower.Also, companies offering more obscure or specialized services such as seismic drilling or directional drilling tools are much more likely to withstand the threat of substitutes. (For more on oil substitutes, see The Biofuels Debate Heats Up.) Competitive Rivalry.

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If profits are of the utmost importance, then the statement of cash flow is a close second.

From aviation fuel to aggregate materials, oilfield waste, and petrochemicals, Macro Oil Company is in its third generation as a family-owned business.And when it comes to the financials, the same old rules apply to oil services companies.A list of possible investment opportunities will be discussed.

List of oil exploration and production companies This is a list of selected petroleum (crude oil.Investing in oil services companies can be one of the best ways to invest in the oil and gas space without too much exposure to the risk of selling a.

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Oil Service maintains a rich history of proven technological expertise and product diversity.

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Discover how oil companies are using technology to increase the efficiency of old wells.